Day 6 – Bergen

We docked on schedule at Skolden-Bontelabo, only a short walk north of the Bryggen. The day was windy and cold, but full of sunshine. The plan for the day was to visit the Fantoft Stave Church (short taxi drive from downtown – ~30€ each way), and then spend the rest of the day wandering through Bryggen and the main portion of Bergen. You can reach the Fantoft church using the light-rail system and a 10 minute walk, but since we were a party of 4, the taxi was more convenient (arrange with the driver to be picked up at an agreed time since you will be in a suburban area with no taxis around).

Sail away was very beautiful, although incredibly cold and windy. As the photos show, there were only a few brave souls in the bow deck (probably, dutch guests used to the cold north winds). I, being of frail mediterranean genetics, was happy to endure the freezing wind for a few minutes at a time, and ducking below the protective rim of the deck 6 front promenade.

Now, it’s all north sea on our way back to Rotterdam.

I cannot wait to return.


Photos are copyright of Vasco Galhardo – Do not reproduce without written permission.

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